Exhibiting UnlimitedHand in SONY Building in Ginza.

We are exhibiting our product “UnlimitedHand” in SONY building in Ginza, 5F innovation lounge ‘First Flight Ginza’.

Last year, we became the Campion of ?”Sony- Startup Switch”, which is the business competition for startup. In this time we could exhibit UnlimitedHand as a fist campion of the competition.

The Sony Building will close on March for re-construction, so this is really great opportunity to showcase our project in the present Sony building.

During the exhibition, we will hold event that our ?CEO and also one of the developer of the UnlimitedHand, Ken Iwasaki, will talk about UnlimitedHand.?You can also try the UnlimitedHand(reservation card required).

We are looking forward you to come over the exhibition.



Exhibiting the haptic gaming controller “UnlimitedHand”?in SONY Building in Ginza

Period: 16th~31th, January 2017

Place: Sony building in Ginza, 5F innovation lounge, First Flight Ginza

About Exhibition: exhibiting and introducing UnlimitedHand as an first Campion of “Sony- Startup Switch”

About the Event:
・Talking about UnlimitedHand by Ken Iwasaki, CEO of H2L, Inc. and one of the developer of UnlimitedHand.
・Demonstration of UnlimitedHand.

Event schedule:

6:30 pm ~ 6:55 pm

18th Wed, 20th Fri, 23h Mon, 25th Wed, 27th Fri January 2017.

<strong>-About the Demonstration of UnlimitedHand-</strong>
We are passing the reservation card for trying UnlimitedHand. Because the event schedule, we only can pass 10 cards, so the people who are interested in the Demo, please come to 5F, Sony building Until 6:00 pm.

Sony building website – innovation lounge

First Flight website