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[Appearing in TV] Emi Tamaki is appearing in “Seven roles”.

At 11:00 PM Tonight, the japanese TV program “Seven roles” will air. It is featuring H2L founder Emi Tamaki and her seven roles in the days. The official website is posting the trailer. https://www.ktv.jp/7rules/
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11/12 Emi Tamaki appeared in “SENSOR OF MOTION”

On the “SENSE OF MOTION – Future Forum 2” held on Sunday, November 12, H2L founder Tamaki appeared on the theme “The process that developed products hands on consumers day by day.” on a round-table talk with other guests. https://www.senseofmotion.net/forum/
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EMIRA Publisher the article “TOP RUNNER” picked Emi Tamaki.

(Domestic News) The web media “EMIRA” picked our founder Emi Tamaki in the article”TOP Runner”. The article is introducing our new product”FirstVR” and the interview of her talks about the future vision of H2L. Web media”EMIRA” The article “TOP Runner” http://emira-t.jp/ace/3182/ FirstVR official website http://first-vr.com
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