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Tamaki interview published in the October issue”Kyodo-Sankaku”

Our founder Emi Tamaki was featured in an interview article as STEM Girls Ambassadors in the October issue of the “Kyodo-Sankaku” magazine published by the Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office on October 10. This article focuses on the current work in Her engineering. October issue of “Kyodo-Sankaku” p.4

[Article]Emi Tamaki interview article on NewsPicks “Work Hack!”

An interview with our founder Emi Tamaki was published in NewsPicks article “Work Hack!” # 2 on October 10th. The interview focused on new ways of working that would be possible by BodySharing experiences. [Emi Tamaki] The tide of tech and society encourages a free working style

[Article]Nikkei Trendy November issue published

In the November issue of “Nikkei Trendy” issued on October 4, 5G featured the remote operation and 5G BodySharing technology. Nikkei Trendy November issue “5G The Business Revolution Being Visible” p.66

The Winner of 13 finalists for “BodySharing x 5G Idea Contest”!

From the pitches of the 13 finalists of the “BodySharing x 5G Idea Contest” held on July 26 (Fri), the best award was selected. Grand Prize Jibunhouse, Inc. “0 minutes commuting time! A house with a portal that makes living and working easier”   Special July Prize Fujitsu Design Limited “Driving skill checker” Hakuhodo DY media partners “Local character 5G Coliseum” The ideas chosen for the Grand Prize will be backed up by DOCOMO and H2L, and we will work on it. For the “BodySharing x 5G Idea Contest”, we are recruiting solution ideas that combine H2L’s BodySharing technology and DOCOMO’s 5G from companies participating in the DOCOMO Open Partner Program. From the ideas gathered from over 100 partners, we have decided the best award this time. “Call for an idea contest combining NTT DoCoMo’s 5G and H2L BodyShating technologies from April 1”

H2L summer internship 2019 program started!

H2L adopts summer internship again this year! Let’s work together at the H2L office! We started application for “H2L summer internship 2019”! If you are a university student, graduate student, junior college student or professional student who is interested in H2L technology, philosophy or company, please apply for an internship at this opportunity. The intern period is one month. You can work with members in H2L, mainly for engineers and sales. Let’s learn the latest technology of H2L and make a Happy Hacking World! “H2L summer internship 2019 program” Job Roles: ・Engineer ・Sales PR Requirements: ・ Student currently in Japanese university, junior college, or specialized school ・ Student with programming experience (if applying as an engineer) ・ Able to work at H2L office for 4 weeks Period: 4 weeks, from August to September 2019 Work schedule: Weekday, Monday to Friday (Contact us if you have inconvenient days) 10:00-18:00 (with 1 hour break included) Working Location: The SOHO Room 1304 2-7-4, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064, Japan Salary: First week (5 day probation period):...

Joined to DOCOMO 5G BUSINESS CAMP! We showed the development and experience exhibition that matched BodySharing and 5G.

H2L’s BodySharing technology was exhibited in the business Exhibition of “DOCOMO 5G BUSINESS CAMP” held from March to June 2019. “DoCoMo 5G BUSINESS CAMP” held domestic tours to introduce full-scale solutions for 5G, including Tokyo held in March. We introduced the development combining H2L’s BodySharing technology with 5G, demonstrated the technology, and had many business connections. During the event, an “Idea Contest” was also held to gather ideas combining BodySharing technology and 5G. BodySharing movie Released videos of “Kayak App” assuming the combination of 5G. [Link about 5G BUSINESS CAMP]

Recruitment of new graduates begins at Mynavi 2020!

Recruitment page for new graduates! Let’s change the world with H2L! H2L new graduate hiring page was released on MyNavi 2020! New graduate entry from H2L is possible from the page. Job types are widely sought from general affairs, sales to development! Touch the latest technology of H2L and let’s make a happy world with us! “My Navi 2020”

[Newspicks] Founder Emi Tamaki was interviewed about Jaguar test drive and her own research theme.

On June 25th, Newspicks Brand design article “What’s the real meaning that people drive by thinking of” MaaS “coming of age” has published a coverage article of Emi Tamaki, founder of H2L, Inc. After the test ride on JAGAR’s new model “I-PACE”, She was interviewed for this article based on the test drive experience and her research content. “What’s the real meaning that people drive by thinking of” MaaS “coming of age”-Newspicks
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