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The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Presents [Creation x Technology x Content Forum 2016]

]A Notice, The CEO of H2L Ken Iwasaki presented the UnlimitedHand in a forum discussing intersections between Technology and Content Creation. The discussion was held by the The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. May the UnlimitedHand contribute to effective and practical collaborations between Tech and Content fields in the near future. H2L Team.

Publications: Impress R&D

Greetings, We had the opportunity to have our information published by the online publisher Impress R&D. It is named Internet White Paper 2016「インターネット白書2016」. Browse up ! H2L Team.

Next Appearance: Game Developers Conference 2016!

H2l will be participating in this year’s “Game Developers Conference”! We will be fronting booth No.2344. See you there. For more information about the event access the following site

Appearance: Morning Pitch “Audience Award”

We ended 2015 with a nice note. On the 17th of December 2015, the Morning Pitch Special Edition 2015 was held. Competitively themed “The Ventures who are to take on the World”. There were many other great Ventures who all presented their unique propositions that their companies have to offer. It was a pleasure to be able to stand amongst them and present the Unlimited Hand. Though we did not manage to win the “Distinguished Award” (最優秀賞), we triumphed with the “Audience Award”. The “Audience’s Award” which rates candidates depending on a smart-phone mediated poll on the seated Audience is a new addition to this year’s Morning Pitch event. We are very glad to have garnered such un-predictable support from the attendees. Reference: Morning Pitch Special Edition開幕。最優秀賞はテラモーターズ! Thank you, and here is a nice picture of our trophy!

Pre-Orders for the UnlimitedHand begins!

Pre-Orders of the UnlimitedHand Begins. Delivery commences in the period between Summer and Fall 2016. Place an Order here!

Shinamonolab Maker Session

This month we participated as a presenter in an event named “Shinamonolab”. It is an occasion where individual makers and members of the industries get together to share ideas with the hope that positive collisions may be brought about. To our surprise, a large part of the presentation revolved around the gradual refinement of the Unlimited Hand through trial and error. It has really been a while since we have shared the technological feats that led up to the product itself. We felt right at home. The event can be reviewed in the following link, Ken makes an appearance at around 57min 40secs.
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