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VRVienna interviews H2L

H2L was interviewed by VRVienna, view the whole interview here: Posted by VRVienna on Friday, November 23, 2018 For European customers, head over to SUBOTRON @ MQ – MuseumsQuartier Wien , where you will find H2L devices ready for a hands-on experience.

Demo reservation of FirstVR begins at “Mogu lab”.

Starting June 5, we have set up FirstVR at VR / AR / MR experienced showroom “Mogu Lab” provided by moguraVR, so that you can make a trial appointment of FirstVR. “Magu Lab” accepts experiences and consultation aimed mainly for business solutions. Those who are considering introduction FirstVR for business, please use “MoguLab” by all means at this opportunity. Official website “Mogu lab” Reservation from here ↓ [FirstVR on sale at Amazon, other stores!]  Store list 

FirstVR adopted as prize of “Biteki Prize”

FirstVR was selected as the “Biteki Prize” prize at the “Kose Global EMB Contest” which was featured at the August issue of “Biteki” released on June 22.

FirstVR was picked at “Innovative Tomorrow VR changes the future of the industry!”

FirstVR was picked up at the “Innovative Tomorrow VR’s changing industry future!” Broadcast on Monday, June 11th (Monday, 24: 00-24: 30!).

Ryukyu shinpo introduced FirstVR

On June 4th, newspaper “Ryukyu Shinpo” introduced FirstVR with images in page 9.  

Founder Tamaki talked at Fujitsu Forum 2018

In 17th May, Founder Emi Tamaki talked in the talk session “FUJITSU PICK ONE SPECIAL TALKSESSION” in Fujitsu Forum 2018. With the theme “Digital Innovation Realized with IoT and Robots”, Mr. Sascha from J-WAVE Radio “PICK ONE”, Mr. Kofuru Yoshiharu from Fujitsu Limited talked with Emi.

Adopted FirstVR as part of Akatsuki research product.

株式会社アカツキR&Dに所属するエンジ […]

[NTT × H2L] NTT Technology Journal May issue.

In the NTT Technical Journal online May issue, NTT wrote an article about the haptic interface that gives natural haptic feedback sharing experiences to VR (VirtualReality) and AR (Augmented Reality) developed by H2L and NTT. You can also view the interview “big step towards penetration of the haptic interface” by Kenichiro Iwasaki, H2L representative. “H2L × NTT Collaboration Results Development of a new haptic interface using functional material hitoe® ” image 2: Arm contact surface of UnlimitedHand® with functional material hitoe®
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