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New Technology poster presentation in SIGGRAPH ASIA 2019

A new poster presentation will show in November 17-20, 2019 in SIGGRAPH ASIA 2019, BCEC, Brisbane, Australia. This poster shows that PondusHand measures weight feeling from the deformation of the forearm muscles, measured by photo sensor array(MAE150g). Title: [PondusHand: Measure User’s Weight Feeling by Photo Sensor Array around Forearm] Contributors: Satoshi Hosono, Shoji Nishimura, Ken Iwasaki and Emi Tamaki SIGGRAPH ASIA 2019 URL

Exhibition at Future Expo-FirstVR VR game and exercise app experience.

We are exhibiting FirstVR at FUTURE EXPO from Wednesday, October 23 to Monday, November 4th. Inside the booth, there is a demonstration space where you can experience the magic VR “FVR Wizard” and the exercise app “Reborn” of the FirstVR application. Please try the VR experience with ArmVR controller VR device FirstVR. FUTURE EXPO

An article about Emi Tamaki in “Resonare” on November issue.

An interview article about our founder Emi Tamaki was published on “Resonare” issued by Resona Research Institute on November 1. It mainly contains about her researches. “Resonare2 November issue p.26

Exhibited at CEATEC2019. H2L x Paronym service demo released.

We exhibited at H2L,Inc. and PALONIM,Inc. at the Tokyo Pavilion booth at CEATEC 2019 on October 15-18. At the booth, the H2L armband controller “FirstVR” demonstrated PALONIM’s next-generation video service “TIG”. We have released a technology collaboration that uses FirstVR to operate the touch video service TIG on a display and remotely control it without using a touch LCD such as an ipad or iphone. [Related article] 【プレスリリース】動画上の情報をジェスチャー操作する新インタラクティブ動画サービス初公開。 パロニム(株)とH2L(株)がCEATEC合同出展。

CEO Ken Iwasaki was on the stage “the 7th Jibun House Symposium”

Our CEO Ken Iwasaki was on stage at “the 7th Jibun House Symposium” held on October 16th. Jibun House won the Grand Prize at the “BodySharing × 5G Idea Contest” held the other day, and at the symposium, the three companies, Docomo × H2L × Jibn House, talked about the future life and technology that will be possible with 5G. On the day, we also exhibited and demonstrated H2L products. [Related Article] Grand PrizeJibunhouse, Inc.“0 minutes commuting time! A house with a portal that makes living and working easier”

Published New Technology in academic conference, SSIP2019

A new academic conference paper is published at October 8-10, 2019 in 2nd International Conference on Sensors, Signal and Image Processing (SSIP 2019), Prague, Czech. This paper shows that FirstVR can estimate user’s weight feeling. Title: A Method for Estimating the Load on Muscles Using a Wearable IR Sensor Array Device Authors: Hosono Satoshi, Shoji Nishimura, Ken Iwasaki, and Emi Tamaki Academic conference URL

Tamaki interview published in the October issue”Kyodo-Sankaku”

Our founder Emi Tamaki was featured in an interview article as STEM Girls Ambassadors in the October issue of the “Kyodo-Sankaku” magazine published by the Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office on October 10. This article focuses on the current work in Her engineering. October issue of “Kyodo-Sankaku” p.4

[Article]Emi Tamaki interview article on NewsPicks “Work Hack!”

An interview with our founder Emi Tamaki was published in NewsPicks article “Work Hack!” # 2 on October 10th. The interview focused on new ways of working that would be possible by BodySharing experiences. [Emi Tamaki] The tide of tech and society encourages a free working style
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