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Founder Tamaki, introduced in manga “Hirameki Expedition” at Rikejo April issue.

Our founder Emi Tamaki was introduced in manga’Hirameki Expedition’ (manga artist: Midori Green) at the end of the science magazine ‘Rikenjo’ magazine. Three pages have been introduced Emi Tamaki, including her history and developed products. Please have a look. Rikejo official website

Articles – Tamaki has interviewed by “Mynavi” in March.

We received an interview with our founder Tamaki Emi on “Mynavi” issued in March, 2018. She has featured an interview on Tamaki’s work view on 3 pages in the item of “Spotlight of Engineer”. Published in March, 2018 “Mynaivi” [Spotlight of Engineer] Emi Tamaki p.66 – 69

Okinawa Times published the news of the Rocky Challenge Award that Emi Tamaki received.

H2L founder Tamaki Emi was awarded the “2018 Rocky Challenge Award” by Nakamura Iwao Challenge Foundation. Rocky Challenge Awards Official HP The award ceremony ceremony will be held at the 21st Century Forum of the University of the Ryukyus at a later date, and Tamaki will also give a lecture. Okinawa Times magazine picked the news on their newspaper and web media. 210729

Emi Tamaki appears in “Newsweek International Magazine”

“Newsweek International Magazine”Published in 26th January wrote about our founder Emi Tamaki in the column “Japanese women active in the world Japanese women Leading the way”.

Exhibited at CES 2018. Exhibit & experience FirstVR and UnlimitedHand of a new style interface.

We have been exhibiting and demonstrating UnlimiteHand at “CES 2018” held January 9th – 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the first time to announce FirstVR at overseas exhibitions. During the exhibition, many people experienced the main content such as “mother-in-chaos” and enjoyed VR game control with muscle input. UnlimitedHand experienced as a new tactile interface utilizing NTT ‘s own hitoe ® evaluation technology released in the press release on Jan, 9th. On the day, VR contents for avoiding crisis at the work site was announced. We have experienced content that also takes into consideration the development for entertainment such as future VR theme parks. [PRESS RELEASE]H2L and NTT develops new haptic interface with functional material hitoe®

“Dream Navi March issue” interview our Founder Emi Tamaki.

“Dream Navi March issue” issued on January 18, 2018 has posted Tamaki interview of our founder in the column “Effort opens the way” on 20p. / new /

[PRESS RELEASE]H2L and NTT develops new haptic interface with functional material hitoe®

With the aim of providing new haptic experiences, H2L inc. (CEO: Kenichiro Iwasaki, Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter H2L) and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (CEO: Hiroo Unoura, Headquaters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter NTT) have developed an interface that allows the sharing of haptic experiences within VR and AR environments by combining the use of their respective technologies: Finger Motion Capture and Electrical Muscle Stimulus Control owned by H2L, and the appraised hitoe® owned by NTT. 1.Background H2L has been manufacturing and selling UnlimitedHand®, a wearable device that simulates the sense of touch within virtual environments which can be felt though the wearer’s own hand. It has been marketed as a development tool for game creators featuring two key technologies Finger Motion Capture and Electrical Muscle Stimulus Control. Finger Motion Capture is a hand and finger motion tracking system that collects input for VR gaming. It consists of integrated motion sensors and a muscle motion sensor array overlaid around the wearer’s forearm. Electrical Muscle Stimulation Control simulates virtual haptic feedback through applying...

Exhibiting in “CES2018”

We will exhibit at the technology conference “CES 2018” to be held from January 9 (Tue) to 12 (Fri) in Las Vegas, NV. At the booth, we will exhibit and demonstrate UnlimitedHand and the new product FirstVR. Booth No. Sands, Hall G – 53359
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