Tomy Kamada, Director

Dr. Tomihisa Kamada
Representative, TomyK Ltd. – “Startups Booster”
(Contact: tomy [at]

Dr. Kamada is co-founder, and former CEO of ACCESS Co. Ltd., a global software
company for embedded browser, communication software, operating systems, and
network software for mobile phones, PDAs, TV/STBs, game consoles, and etc.

Dr. Kamada co-founded ACCESS when he was a student of Univ. of Tokyo, and have
grown it to be listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2001. He is renowned as
a developer of “Compact HTML” – smart subset of HTML for mobile phones, enabling
successful mobile Internet services in Japan.

Dr. Kamada retired from ACCESS in 2011, and started a new company “TomyK Ltd.”
in 2012, in order to support young startup companies from his unique experiences.
TomyK is a “Startups Booster”, in order words, an active incubator for technology startups
who have ambitious mission to change the world with their innovations.

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