H2L, started general sales of “First VR”- VR / AR device compatible to smartphone

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VR device “FirstVR” that can be played with controller equipped with latest sensor technology began selling at home electronics mass merchandisers and online stores.

On April 26, 2018 (Thursday), from the University of Tokyo Venture H2L Co., Ltd. (head office: Koto Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Kenichiro Iwasaki) intuitively VR / AR ) started general sales of VR device “FirstVR” that provide intuitive VR/AR experiences with the armband controller.

FirstVR has been accepting reservation online from September 2017, and on April 17, 2018, released SDK (alpha version) on developer’s site. From today FirstVR is available at home electronics mass retailers and online stores.

Seller details (Updated from time to time):

●About FirstVR

FirstVR is a controller and goggle set device that can easily provide VR / AR experience on a smartphone. By winding an armband type controller on your arm, you can operate your VR / AR with your hand as a controller. It is light and compact so even people who have never experienced VR or AR can easily try it.

– Features of First VR

1. Optical active sensor mounted on the controller makes its own arm a controller

The feature of FirstVR is the muscle displacement sensor (Optical Active Sensing) mounted on the controller. Just wrapping the armband type controller on the arm, the sensor detects the arm’s muscle movement (displacement) and reflects it on the VR / AR. By doing so, you can freely control VR and AR with your own hand movement without using a controller on hand.

2. Set of light and compact controller and goggles

FirstVR is a set product of controller and goggles. It is a light and compact body that you can enjoy without limitation of location. If you wear an armband type controller on your arm and apply goggles, you will soon be able to experience the new sense of VR / AR.

3. Feel free to play with your own smartphone

With FirstVR and smartphone (iOS, Android), you can immediately play the dedicated application. The controller and the smartphone can be connected with Bluetooth®.

– inclusions
1. Controller with optical active sensor
Body size: W335 mm × D 80 mm × H 13 mm
Weight: 62 g
Built-in sensor: 14 channel optical muscle displacement sensor
3 axis gyro 3 axis acceleration 3 axis magnetism
Visceral actuator: vibration
Communication: Bluetooth® 4.2
Charge tolerance: USB Micro B 5 V, 500 mA
Compatible terminals: iPhone 6S or later or Android 6.0 or later
iPhone 7 or later, GALAXY S8 / S8 +, Xperia XZs
※ Note: Operating environment may be different depending on communication environment and compatible contents
Supported OS: iOS, Android

2. VR goggles
Body size: W 170 mm × H 138 mm × D 98 mm
Viewing angle: 70 to 95 degrees
Weight: 180 g
Compatibility: 4.7 to 6.0 inch screen smartphone

3. USB A-microB cable for charging

4. Warranty card

● Application of FirstVR

1. A Mother’s Rage ~De-Dtress destroying your ordinarily~

1. A Mother’s Rage ~De-Dtress destroying your ordinarily~
It is an exhilarating VR application that grabs, throws and breaks things that can not be usually destroyed.
Just move your hands making fist and open it, then finish setting up FirstVR. Move closer to the thing you want to break with, grab it to make fist! Throw by opening your hand and break! The Compensation amount will be announced as a score after the time limit expires. Let’s aim for the high score of compensation.

2. FVR Wizard ~The wizard action game~

You become a wizard, you wear FirstVR and face the enemy approaching!
By actually swinging your arms and activating magic, you can enjoy the realistic feeling as though you were a wizard.
Choose from 4 modes, and defeat enemies with various magic.

● SDK is released on developer site now!

SDK (alpha version) is being released for free in FirstVR developer’s site. It is possible to develop your original FirstVR application.

FirstVR Developer site:

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H2L, opened a developer’s websitesite of VR device “FirstVR”. Free release of SDK (alpha version).

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[Contact Information]

[About H2L Co., Ltd.]
Established July 2012, H2L researches and develops technology that enables the remote delivery of haptic sensations. “PossessedHand”, one of the 50 Best Inventions selected by TIME Magazine along with Haptic game controller “UnlimitedHand®︎” and “FirstVR®︎” which can easily make VR experience with gestures by smartphones are their flagship products. H2L continues to expand their 2 areas of expertise which lies in precise motion-gesture tracking for Hands, and the actuation of Haptic Feedback through Electric Muscle Stimulus applied to the forearm.
Company information: