[Press Release]H2L raises funds totaling at 200 million yen

H2L raises funds totaling at 200 million yen ~Business and development expansion for VR/AR game controller UnlimitedHand begins~ Third-party allocation of shares underwritten by Energy & Environment Investment and Sony Innovation Fund. H2L inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Ken Iwasaki) has raised a total of 200 million yen by allocating shares to the third parties Energy & Environment Investment, Inc. and Sony Corporation’s corporate venture capital Sony Innovation Fund. To this day, H2L has produced PossessedHand, a FES kit targeted at researchers who wish to control human finger motions, and UnlimitedHand, a haptic game controller targeted at VR/AR applications. Since their introduction in 2016, they have been garnering much attention

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