Ken Iwasaki


Co-Founder, H2L, Inc.

Nationality: Japan


開発者向け触感型コントローラUnlimitedHandを2015年に発表。TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco内のStartup Battlefieldにてピッチを行った(日本拠点のベンチャー企業としては初出場)。その後資金調達を行い、2017年、コンシューマー向けVRコントローラーFirstVRをリリース。


Ken Iwasaki got his B.S. (Biochemistry) and M.S. (Computer Science) in 2008, 2010, respectively. His main research area is Human Computer Interaction. When he was a graduate student, he was selected as a creator of IPA:Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program) and learned R&D and project management. After he graduated, he experienced business consulting at Accenture, and R&D management at RIKEN (Brain Science Institute). In 2012, he co-founded H2L, Inc. with Dr. Tamaki. He takes advantage of his unique experience of both business and research to make research-stage technologies into products.

In 2015, he pitched H2L’s new product UnlimitedHand at Startup Battlefield in TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco. This is the first time Tokyo-based startup is selected to present its business at the stage. In 2017, he produced FirstVR, the VR controller for general consumer.

Now he works on R&D and Business development with his comrades to realize the sharing experiences between human, robot and avatar by H2L BodySharing technology.

AWARDS (Selected)
2008 Gold Medal, iGEM
2009 UTEC賞
2015 オーディエンス賞, Morning Pitch Special Edition 2015
2018 東京都ベンチャー技術大賞

2008 Gold Medal, iGEM
2009 UTEC Award
2015 Audience Award,
Morning Pitch Special Edition 2015
2018 Tokyo Venture Technology Award